Georgetown alumnus publishes book on 70s marijuana smugglers

Georgetown alumnus Jason Ryan‘s first book “Jackpot: High Times, High Seas, and the Sting That Launched the War on Drugs” tells the story of “gentlemen smugglers,” southern marijuana drug lords who smuggled pot on yachts in the 70s and… Read More

Non-profit lobbies to get cheaper textbooks at Georgetown

Last month, the Student Public Interest Research Groups, a non-profit lobby group, organized a Affordable Textbook Day of Action to oppose high textbook costs. To help “spread the word about textbook affordability solutions,” PIRGs representative Brien Dinella visited… Read More

New law requires schools to post textbook prices at registration

As if pre-registering wasn’t hard enough, students now have another factor to consider. This one, however, is a long overdue necessity for those of us concerned about the rising costs of college. The Higher Education Opportunity Act, passed… Read More

Free for All: Is the World Cup over yet?

No really, is it? Who needs to watch games when 47 Facebook updates double as play-by-plays? If you’re one of the few Americans who has not succumbed to the belief that soccer is an interesting sport, or if… Read More

Alum publishing a Georgetown coffee table book that you can give to your children

Georgetown Icons from Georgetown College on Vimeo. Finally, someone has made a coffee table book that will help you repress your memories of Leo’s, Village C, and the Heating and Cooling Plant, and convince dinner guests that you… Read More

More of Tomorrow’s Classics: Books

The Voice is looking back at the best of the decade in Tomorrow’s Classics. To celebrate the end of the decade, Vox is getting in on the fun too! This week, the best of the written word, broken… Read More

Georgetown student Yaya Chang publishes book about sexual abuse and recovery

Yaya Chang entered her first semester at Georgetown this August with much more than a high school degree under her belt. Chang’s recent book, Hidden Behind Innocence, reveals her traumatic account of being sexually abused at 12 by… Read More

Georgetown students murdered… in GW professor’s new novel

Looking for a gripping murder mystery that involves D.C.-area co-eds?  George Washington business professor Charles Toftoy’s recently released novel, “It’s in the Eyes” may be for you! Toftoy worked on the murder mystery thriller for seven years, according… Read More