Holiday Shopping at the bookstore

Ok, everyone, we forgot to go Christmas shopping again. Looks like everyone’s either getting mixed nuts or Cargo Jeggings. Happy Holidays! Get the flash player here:

Last-minute Christmas gifts at the GU bookstore

Totally flaked on shopping for Christmas gifts? So did we. Yesterday, Vox took a trip the Georgetown University Bookstore to load up on presents. We were certainly impressed at the wide selection of items. “The jeggings were hung by… Read More

Non-profit lobbies to get cheaper textbooks at Georgetown

Last month, the Student Public Interest Research Groups, a non-profit lobby group, organized a Affordable Textbook Day of Action to oppose high textbook costs. To help “spread the word about textbook affordability solutions,” PIRGs representative Brien Dinella visited… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: A guide to buying your textbooks

Textbooks are perhaps the biggest first-year expense that students can control. Yet at the beginning of every year, a Disneyland-sized queue of freshmen—and upperclassmen—inevitably winds around the upper floor of the bookstore. After handing over shrink-wrapped copies of… Read More

New law requires schools to post textbook prices at registration

As if pre-registering wasn’t hard enough, students now have another factor to consider. This one, however, is a long overdue necessity for those of us concerned about the rising costs of college. The Higher Education Opportunity Act, passed… Read More

Bookstore thief falls off Leavey Center bridge on Sunday in escape attempt

On Sunday, a man who had shoplifted merchandise from the University Bookstore fell off the Leavey Center pedestrian bridge during his attempt to flee the scene. The incident happened on a Sunday afternoon, after the suspect had been… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Back to book buying

Whitney McAniff wasn’t pleased with the Georgetown bookstore’s ISBN offerings. Fitz Lufkin had high hopes for his thrifty shopping skills.