WMATA aims to display real-time arrival info at important bus stops

According to TBD, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has issued a request for proposals from contractors to install what the request calls “Customer Information Electronic Display Signs” at important Metro stations and along high-usage Metrobus corridors. If all… Read More

WMATA explores cuts in bus service to Georgetown

In effort to close its daunting $189 million budget gap in 2011, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is exploring a host of fiscal measures that involve raising fares, cutting rail service, and cutting bus service in 2011,… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Unfounded, incendiary, and flat-out irresponsible

GUSA’s intended punishment for the Voice Senator Nick Troiano (COL ’11) shot back at the critics of GUSA’s funding board reform at yesterday’s meeting, delivering an eight-minute rebuttal to a recent Voice editorial, which advocated against the reform…. Read More

Circulator’s Wisconsin Avenue coverage saved, The Post reports

Adrian Fenty, bus savior Cheap, reliable transportation fans rejoice: The Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Georgetown—Union Station Circulator route that was slated to be discontinued this Friday has been saved, according to The Washington Post‘s Dr. Gridlock. According… Read More

Circulator cutting Wisconsin Avenue service on October 4th

We reported last week that the Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Circulator route was in peril, and it appears the worst has come to pass: The District Department of Transportation announced that the cut was a done deal…. Read More

Wisconsin Avenue portion of Circulator route may be cut

In our interview with Jennifer Altemus, president of the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown, you may have noticed that she mentioned the possible cut of the Circulator route up Wisconsin Avenue. The Circulator buses (which aren’t nearly as ugly… Read More

3 problems with GUTS buses

As buses go, GUTS buses aren’t that bad. They’re a convenient way to get from Georgetown to the Metro; they run fairly regularly on weekdays; and they’re free—a ride on the DuPont GUTS bus combined with a brisk… Read More

Convenient inter-city bus service lives

Washington’s Department of Transportation plan to move inter-city buses like DC2NY and Chinatown buses to L’Enfant Plaza has been suspended. Good news for anyone interested in convenient bus pick-ups or having an excuse to visit Chinatown’s Fuddruckers. Via… Read More

30s is the new 20: bus routes get better

Catching any of the 30s buses along Wisconsin used to be like catfish noodling–it takes time, and once you stick your hand in, there’s no telling what’ll chomp down. That might change now that Metro revamped the line… Read More

DC2NY bus appeals to representative democracy

Charter bus company DC2NY is getting desperate. The company sent out 2 emails in 24 hours yesterday asking for help help against a new mandate forcing all intercity buses to load at L’Enfant Promenade, the only “designated intercity… Read More