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GUSA lectures freshmen on future perils of 2018-2038 campus plan

On Sunday night, outgoing Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Craig Cassey (COL ’15), GUSA president Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15), GUSA Undersecretary for Disability Affairs Lydia Brown (C’15), and incoming ANC Commissioner Reed Howard (SFS ’17) briefed a bustling meeting room of… Read More

Meet your ANC candidate: Kendyl Clausen

Last week, Vox interviewed student Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E candidate Reed Howard (SFS ’17). This week, Vox interviewed the student running for the other seat reserved for students, Kendyl Clausen (SFS ’16). Vox asked Clausen the same set of questions Howard was asked…. Read More

Zoning Commission will wait on response from Old Georgetown Board before approving residence plans

The D.C. Zoning Commission met Monday night to review proposals for the construction of the Northeast Triangle Dorm and conversion of Ryan and Mulledy Halls into residential spaces. Although all commissioners expressed profuse support, they decided to withhold approval… Read More

University relents, satellite campus option dead

The University confirmed today that it has officially tabled the satellite dorm option in favor of renovating the old Jesuit residences, Ryan and Mulledy, for student accommodations in order to satisfy the Campus Plan student housing requirements. This… Read More

Well, it’s still not Healy: Architects unveil new design to unsatisfied students at forum

At the Northeast Triangle forum last night, Sasaki architects Katia Lucic and Ricardo Dumont unveiled the updated proposal for Georgetown’s next dorm, the original plans which, for some of you, nearly matched Lau’s status as a scar of ugliness… Read More

Is the NE Triangle Dorm really that ugly?

This summer, the administration announced that it would be building a dorm across from Reiss, and released drawings of the exterior. There was plenty of backlash, and so in response, students were invited to a forum where the… Read More

Friendly Reminder: You still can’t park in Georgetown

There is a war on cars in D.C., but only in Georgetown, and only for students. In a friendly email yesterday, vice president for student affairs/disciplinarian-in-chief Todd Olson officially gave us notice that we can’t park on Georgetown’s campus… Read More

Students voice concern over ugliness of building, are assured it won’t be that ugly

Yesterday, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson, Vice President for Planning and Facilities Management Robin Morey, and the architects from Sasaki hosted a student forum on the Northeast Triangle Project. The forum was a direct result of student… Read More

ANC approves plans for new dorm across from Reiss

Update, 5:20 p.m. Wednesday: Earlier today, the Old Georgetown Board postponed taking action on the new structure, leaving the matter for its next meeting in September, citing various concerns. Original Post: Last night, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E… Read More

Olson email suggests impending off-campus party crackdown

Beginning this weekend, SNAP will increase enforcement of existing off-campus party policies through more “proactive patrolling and stopping,” GUSA President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) wrote in an email to Vox. Gustafson sits on the Georgetown-Community Partnership steering committee, which plays a… Read More