First responder to Milzman ricin incident recounts experience, criticizes University response

Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15), the student and friend who reported Daniel Milzman (formerly COL ’16) to the police for possession of the deadly poison ricin in his McCarthy dorm, wrote about his taxing experience both during and after Milzman’s… Read More


Prefrosh Preview: Mental health and psychiatric services at Georgetown

The mental health of Georgetown’s student body is an important topic, as it should be at any rigorous college or university. The heavy burden posed by most students’ coursework can often take a toll on mental health, and,… Read More

CAPS receives award from mental health advocacy and suicide prevention organization

This week, the Jed Foundation honored Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services with the JedCampus Seal. After University of Arizona student Jed Satow committed suicide in 1998, his parents created The Jed Foundation, with the mission of protecting the emotional health of… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Some spring cleaning and Vox needs therapy

This week, in what may have been the longest senate meeting on record, GUSA held elections for Speaker, Vice-Speaker, Chair of the Intellectual Life Committee, filled a vacancy in the Finance and Applications Committee, and approved President Nate… Read More

Student groups host vigil against sexual assault in Red Square

How many Public Service Announcement reports about sexual assaults do you think you’ve gotten in your e-mail inbox over the last year? If you actually check your Hoyamail account, that answer probably ranges somewhere from “Too many,” to… Read More

Georgetown’s CAPS gives you 10 reasons to date instead of hook up

Sex Positive Week 2010—a week geared toward helping students feel comfortable talking openly about sex and sexuality—is wrapping up. For its part, the Voice was pleased to see the University fund SPW for a second year in a… Read More