D.C. commuters are ditching cars for alternative modes of transportation

According to a study released this month by the U.S. PIRG Education Fund and Frontier Group called Transportation in Transition, D.C. commuters have increasingly begun to utilize mass transportation and bicycling in place of the typical mode of… Read More

Friendly Reminder: You still can’t park in Georgetown

There is a war on cars in D.C., but only in Georgetown, and only for students. In a friendly email yesterday, vice president for student affairs/disciplinarian-in-chief Todd Olson officially gave us notice that we can’t park on Georgetown’s campus… Read More

Georgetown teams up with Toyota to test new Prius

Beginning in early December, select Georgetown faculty members will pull onto campus in a new, high-tech ride—the Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHV). Two of the plug-in hybrids will be loaned to the University as part of… Read More

Georgetown students pay more for parking than our D.C. peers, AAA survey finds

Over the weekend, the Washington Post highlighted one of the eternal scourges of attending college in the District: the exorbitant cost of parking.  According to a recent survey from AAA, the Post reports, D.C. college students pay between… Read More

Thunderstorm fells trees, crushes cars in Burleith

This evening saw hurricane-like thunderstorms. In Burleith, the heavy rains and wind felled quite a few large trees, crushing some unfortunately parked cars. At one accident site (near the intersection of 37th and T Streets), the owner of… Read More