Panel discussion on the ‘Francis Effect’ kicks off new Catholic initiative

A panel discussion, held on Oct. 1, was the first event sponsored by the New Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life. Inspired by the election of Pope Francis I, the Initiative, as part of the Office of… Read More

Jack DeGioia to attend inaugural mass of Pope Francis, hopes it’s not awkward

The White House announced earlier today that Georgetown’s very own President Jack DeGioia will be part of the exclusive presidential delegation to attend the mass for the inauguration of the Pontificate of His Holiness Pope Francis. The Mass… Read More

Toqueville forum commences with talk on Catholicism in modern America

The Toqueville forum on Democracy in America hosted its first event of the fall on yesterday afternoon. It featured Ross Douthat, author of  “Bad Religion – How we became a nation of heretics” and New York Times columnist… Read More

Catholic University President tells WSJ that same-sex dorms will prevent “hooking up”

Despite being a Jesuit institution, Georgetown has long been angering conservative Catholic groups for the way we let our students engage in repulsive, amoral activity. And this week, we get an even further downgrade on the scale of… Read More

Catholic student groups respond to H*yas for Choice and United Feminists

H*yas for Choice and United Feminists’ announcement that they were undertaking a joint campaign to pressure Georgetown into changing its reproductive rights policies has upset or confounded a number of students. Now, members of several Catholic groups on… Read More

Study: Catholic higher education doesn’t build support for Catholic teachings

In a new study that has conservative Catholic groups very alarmed, Georgetown researchers are reporting that Catholic students who attend Catholic Universities are not much more likely to support Catholic teaching than their counterparts at non-Catholic colleges and… Read More

Students bring the traditional Latin Mass back to Georgetown

There are a lot of reasons why students get pumped to go to school in the District—the career opportunities, the inflated sense of self-importance that comes with attending school in the nation’s capital—but Kieran Raval (COL ’13) was… Read More

Catholic Culture finds more Georgetown faculty with Planned Parenthood connections

CC to GU: You sure you’re Jesuit? CatholicCulture.Org reported last week that the former president and CEO of two Planned Parenthood branches now works as a low-level Georgetown administrator at the nursing school. (Well, kind of. They mistakenly… Read More

Former Planned Parenthood exec working at Georgetown NHS, a Catholic news and commentary site, is in the midst of a series on Catholic schools that point their students toward careers with Planned Parenthood. And in their digging, they turned up something about an adjunct instructor… Read More

U.S. Conference of Bishops looking at increasing oversight of Catholic universities

At its latest meeting, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops decided to form a task force to look into what actions the group could take to increase its oversight of  Catholic colleges and universities, according to the Associated… Read More