You’ve Been A Bad, Bad Hoya: The Twofer Edition

With a dash of disappointment and a smattering of schadenfreude, Vox has been forced to append the name of its serial to “You’ve Both Been Bad, Bad Hoyas.” On Friday, it was revealed Walsh School of Foreign Service professor… Read More

Global Employability Survey released, Georgetown places 68th

Last week, the 2012 Global Employability Survey, exclusively in the hands of the International Herald Tribune, released its annual study of the world’s most employable graduates based on skills, personality, and the university he or she attended. This year, the survey ranked… Read More

Hoya Citings: Student contributes to foot-and-mouth disease research in Shanghai laboratory

This is the second part of our Vox series called “Hoya Citings” in which we feature Georgetown students’ research projects and pursuits in academia. Last week, we interviewed a student from Georgetown’s SFS-Qatar campus. Until this summer, Georgetown… Read More

NZ Ambassador describes his small country’s internationalism

As part of the Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies’ annual ANZAC event, New Zealand’s Ambassador to the United States, Mike Moore, addressed his nation’s role in international economics and politics, despite its small size and geographical isolation…. Read More

Monologist Mike Daisey apologizes, defends himself against charge of This American Life fabrications

“This is my first scandal…as they say, if you’re going to go, go big.” Yesterday evening, American monologist and author Mike Daisey spoke at Georgetown’s Lohrfink Auditorium in defense of his allegedly fabricated stories featured in an episode… Read More

Professor’s study on China’s nuclear arsenal draws heated reaction

For the last three years, Georgetown professor Phillip Karber, with his undergraduate students, assembled a lengthy study concerning China’s stockpile of nuclear weapons. After a Washington Post story published two weeks ago suggested that Karber and his team would… Read More

Striking the Balance: panel debates the morality of Georgetown’s relationship with China

Last night, the Lecture Fund and the International Relations Club hosted a spirited discussion entitled “Striking the Balance: How Should American Universities Engage the Chinese Government?” Provoked by a recent Voice feature (Full Disclosure: Perry is the author of this feature) that… Read More

Georgetown to host China Higher Education Exhibition tomorrow

This week, Georgetown will partner with the China Scholarship Council to host the 2011 China Higher Education Exhibition. The event will take place on Thursday from 12:00-7:30 p.m. in the Fisher Colloquium of the Hariri building. Featuring representatives… Read More

President DeGioia (and Todd Olson) discuss China, campus plan, Healy Pub, and more

Yesterday evening, President Jack DeGioia and Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson sat down with campus media to answer any questions they have at the start of the 2011-2012 academic year. We would like to thank all… Read More

Taiwanese animation company takes on Hoyas brawl

Since news of the Hoyas’ brawl in an exhibition against the Bayi Rockets broke early Thursday morning, the story has spread to all corners of the media, from the New York Times to Deadspin to World News with… Read More