Georgetown’s yield rate falls by two percent

Turns out last year’s economic nosedive caused more than just the stock market to decline—Georgetown’s yield rate also took a hit. The yield rate, the percentage of students accepted to Georgetown who chose to enroll, dropped to 43… Read More

Daughters of Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger (R—Calif.) and Martin O’Malley (D—Md.) in Class of 2013

Freshman Christina Schwarzenegger with her dad, Arnold Looks like the Class of 2013 has upped Georgetown’s gubernatorial connections pretty significantly: two Governors—Arnold Schwarzenegger (R—Calif.) and Martin O’Malley (D—Md.)—have daughters starting as freshman at Georgetown this year, according to… Read More

Georgetown rising in Victoria’s Secret ranks, thanks to the Class of 2013

Victoria’s Secret is expanding their Pink Collegiate Collection—because really what your lingerie is missing is a college logo!—and they’re doing so democratically. To decide which 25 schools will be added to the collection, they’ve opened it up to… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Vox‘s campus map

Editor’s Note: Every Friday between now and the beginning of school, we’ll be posting a feature specifically for the Class of 2013 to give them an advance introduction to Georgetown. The first step for feeling at home is… Read More