President of World Bank addresses need to combat climate change—and GU Fossil Free agrees

This past Wednesday, President of the World Bank Dr. Jim Yong Kim gave a lecture as part of the Global Futures Initiative about the need to combat climate change amidst a globalizing world. Kim began his talk by… Read More


Keystone XL Pipeline student protest to begin in Red Square

Last year’s Forward on Climate Change Rally drew about 40,000. This Sunday March 2, a group in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline will rally at GU and proceed to march on the White House. The student-led event… Read More

Laura Anderko, Georgetown professor honored by the White House

Shortly after President Obama’s presented his speech on climate change at Georgetown, Laura Anderko, a Georgetown professor at the School of Nursing and Health Studies, was also invited by the White House  to share her perspective and counsel with senior… Read More

Photos: President Obama’s speech on climate change

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Specifics of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan revealed

Update, 6:58 am: Vox received two documents via email from the White House Office of the Press Secretary. One is a fact sheet—a rundown of the essential points of the President’s plan to tackle climate change, and the other is… Read More

President to deliver remarks at Georgetown on climate change

President Barack Obama has announced that he will present a new plan to tackle climate change this coming Tuesday at Georgetown. He will deliver the address at 1:35 p.m in front of Old North, a building that has… Read More

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlines America’s role in energy diplomacy

At 1 p.m. today in Gaston Hall, students stood up and enthusiastically greeted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a roar of applause. Dean of the School of Foreign Service Carol Lancaster introduced her to the stage. “I… Read More