The Corp will begin serving new Compass Coffee this Friday

Well my fellow Hoyas, it seems as though the days of comme ci, comme ça coffee are no more: The Corp has officially chosen a new coffee vendor. And a pretty cool one, at that. The Corp has… Read More


Corp raises prices in response to D.C. minimum wage hike

The Corp conducted a 3 percent average across-the-board price hike in response to the increase in D.C.’s minimum wage rise to $9.50 from $8.25 on July 1. Customers will see price increases across the Corp’s services, which include… Read More


Hybrid bike store and coffee shop coming to the District

In the latest of a series of changes that have been turning Washington, D.C. into Williamsburg, D.C., the owners of Filter Coffee and The Bike Rack have joined forces to create their own hipster haven: a coffee shop… Read More

District Digest: Baby panda is a girl, and smile for free coffee

New D.C. state superintendent The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) has chosen D.C.’s new state superintendent after the previous one, Hosanna Mahaley Jones, stepped down to care for her husband. Director of D.C.’s parks department Jesús Aguirre… Read More

Corp coffee switch one of the blessings of the free market?

And today the invisible hand of the market will bring you… better coffee! Faced with stiffer competition (and by stiffer we mean “some”), the Corp recently switched their coffee supplier from JDKA, who they’ve used for over a… Read More

The Corp’s coffee monopoly comes to an end

Competition!  The free market!  Huzzah! What was probably most remarkable about the opening of Georgetown University’s Starbucks yesterday, located in the empty halls of the Leavey Center, is how easily college students flock towards dimmed lights and jazz… Read More