Georgetown Class of 2017 admissions report proves that yes, we’re still all from New Jersey

Last week, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions released an Admissions Update for Donors, sourced from the Georgetown profile for the class of 2017. Of the 19,885 applications submitted, Georgetown accepted 17 percent. The report presents some interesting numbers… Read More

GW lied about having need-blind admissions for years

On Monday, George Washington University student newspaper GW Hatchet reported that GW has misled its applicants for years about its true admissions and financial aid policy. The school claimed to be need-blind but was actually placing students who could… Read More

WaPo: Georgetown becomes lone Common App holdout among top universities

Updated 6/23/11 Many current Georgetown students who haven’t repressed their memories of the college admissions process likely remember being frustrated to some degree by the number of colleges – including Georgetown – that refused to accept the Common… Read More

Tufts University accepts YouTube videos as part of college admissions essay

We’ve seen the considerable talents of Georgetown students immortalized in video before: from Ben Shaw and Matt Appenfeller’s powers of satire and pulling off fake mustaches to Arman Ismail’s Joker impression to Jon Deutsch’s Georgetown Forever. But this… Read More

GWU accidentally sends acceptance letter to rejected early applicants

If you thought that last week’s snow storm caused problems with Georgetown’s administration, just wait til you hear what happened with George Washington University. Since snow was delaying mail, admissions officials opted to send the official acceptance packets… Read More

Georgetown part of an investigation into admissions discrimination

Men, the world is your oyster The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is investigating whether colleges are giving men—who are making up a smaller and smaller portion of the higher education population across the nation—a leg up over… Read More

Georgetown gets compliments and contempt—all in one column!

The perfect Post columnist to have love-hate relationship with There’s some good news and some bad news for Georgetown in Jay Mathews’ recent Washington Post column.  The good news: He thinks Georgetown qualifies as an “elite” university!  The… Read More