Georgetown has 8th highest percentage of students studying abroad

The Institute of International Education just released the results of its annual survey on study abroad participation, and the findings show that for the 2007-08 school year Georgetown had the 8th highest percentage of undergraduate students studying abroad…. Read More

More parents buying houses for their college-age children

It’s never too early to invest in your dream house! If dorm living’s got you down and you’ve heard the horror stories about local landlords, the Washington Times has a new solution for you: go buy a house… Read More

Will college e-mail accounts get phased out?

While receiving your college e-mail address has long been a milestone for pre-frosh everywhere, a new study from Educuse suggests that college e-mail accounts may be on the way out. Educuse’s “Core Data Service Fiscal Year 2008 Summary… Read More

Georgetown had 71st largest endowment for fiscal year 2008

The National Association of College and University Business Officers recently crunched the numbers to come up with a complete ranking of U.S. college and university endowments for fiscal year 2008. Granted a lot has changed since then, but… Read More

DeGioia 63rd highest paid private university president

Makin’ bank The Chronicle of Higher Education recently released its database of executive compensation at colleges and universities for the 2007-08 school year and Georgetown’s own John DeGioia isn’t doing too poorly for himself. With a total compensation… Read More

Georgetown second most expensive school in country, according to CNN

CNN recently released a ranking of the most expensive colleges and universities (based on data from the Chronicle of Higher Education) and Georgetown is a very high achiever: according to their data, we’re the second most expensive school… Read More

Syracuse and Princeton explore mixed gender housing

While Georgetown is currently tackling the issue of gender neutral bathrooms, Syracuse and Princeton are taking it a step further by beginning to offer gender-neutral housing. Both universities decided that next fall, they will allow students to room… Read More

Georgetown makes “Best Neighbor” honor roll for community involvement

It’s a wonderful day in Georgetown’s neighborhood! While Georgetown’s town-gown relations can get pretty testy, according to researchers at Westfield State College, GU is actually one of the best neighbors in the country [PDF].  Georgetown made their “Best… Read More

More college students than ever seeking psychiatric help

Across the country, the number of college students seeking psychiatric help is higher than ever before, according to the recent Healthy Minds Study. The study reports that 90 percent of college counselors said they have seen a rise… Read More

President DeGioia holds Harvard’s fate in his hands

DeGioia’s reaction upon hearing of the hot breakfast outrage Beyond the significant commitments of the raising money from donors, guiding the university and coping with rogue freshmen, it seems Georgetown President John DeGioia has yet another obligation on… Read More