Georgetown joins online food publication, Spoon University

Yep, that’s the weird little icon so many of your friends have posted online. Last week, Georgetown made its debut on online food publication, Spoon University. Spoon University is a publication for students, by students that connects college campus… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Indian Rice Pudding

As I bring the recent series of international recipes to an end, it seems appropriate to complete the progression with a dish to complete a meal—dessert! At Indian restaurants, you’ll find that one of the most delicious, classic,… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Dumplings!

This week, we’ll be continuing our trip around the world and heading to China! Among the most classic distinctly Chinese dishes is the dumpling. These succulent bites might seem beyond anything that could be created in a dorm,… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Your very own Mexican meal!

My inspiration: The Chile Relleno This week, in keeping with our new international theme, we’ll be taking a look at how to make a complete Mexican meal! In my family, whenever everyone gets together and goes out for… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Shrimp Pad Thai

The majority of the time, there is nothing I crave more than Asian food. Curry and Pad Thai would comprise 90% of my diet if it were feasible. But making the trip to Bangkok Bistro every time I… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Tres Leches Cake

I am absolutely a dessert person. Chocolate, cookies, ice-cream, cake, cupcakes, anything. I love it all, but like many teenage girls, I tend to be laden with guilt if I indulge when I know I shouldn’t. But every… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Stuffed peppers

Budget cooking is largely dependent on being inventive. At home, my mom tends to take whatever is sitting in our cabinets, throw it into a pot, and out comes a masterpiece. Most of us aren’t yet quite that… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Pumpkin Time!

As we enter into October, Halloween is beginning to creep up on the horizons, and as decorations begin to go up and the leaves begin to come down, pumpkin becomes the enticing flavor profile that pops up everywhere… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Tortellini

When I walk into Leo’s and see cheese tortellini on the hot bar, my excitement is nearly immeasurable. At home, tortellini was without question the food I prepared the most frequently for myself, because it is absolutely delicious,… Read More

Collegiate Cooking: Kugel

Go ahead, make your Jewish mother proud! This past Saturday marked the beginning of the most important period in the Jewish Calendar—the High Holy Days. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is the start of the ten day… Read More