Twuesday Tweetacular: our favorite philosophers, GW Swine Flu grows on us

We at Vox wade through the web 2.0 morass and pick out the top 5 Georgetown tweets of the week. Wanna be considered? Start following GtownVoxPop on Twitter and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor… Read More

2009 Commencement speakers announced!

Chuck Hagel (SFS), Gwen Ifill (COL), Luis Alberto Moreno (MSB), Laurie Garrett (NHS) The University just released the list of the 2009 Commencement speakers (with a whole 2 weeks to spare!). Here’s who’ll be boring you at graduation:… Read More

Who’s Who Among Georgetown’s Graduation Speakers

If you’re attending Georgetown’s 209th commencement exercises this weekend, you’re there to see your friends get their diplomas, not to listen to the speeches. But there will still be speakers, and while you’re sitting on Healy Lawn wishing… Read More