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Comments of the Week: TerraCycle and tic tacs

Last week, Vox learned about responsible recycling, experienced the commencement of GUSA Madness firsthand, and provided a play-by-play of the thrilling Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting. Caught in the act by Vox, Reed defended his tic tac eating shenanigans… Read More

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Comments of the Week: Spirit animals and smatition petitions

Last week, Vox learned more about the Corp’s cool new coffee supplier, gave you a heads up for what to expect for the 2015 GUSA Executive Election, detoxed from wine night with some kale and avocado, and chatted… Read More

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Comments of the Week: You can have whatever you like (as long as it’s Joe Biden)

Last week, Vox gave her take on the actual state of the union, watched as the School of Foreign Service grappled with an identity crisis over the possibility of introducing minors into the curriculum, and covered the resignation… Read More

Comments of the Week: R.I.P. (sweaty) SAC Fair

After a long break as a video-game playing slug, Vox is back for another semester of shenanigans and occasionally getting things done. Last week, Vox covered Congress’ meddling with D.C. marijuana legalization, the new GUTS buses, and SAC Fair’s new name:… Read More

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Comments of the Week: Missing hands and heartfelt hashtags

Last week, Vox procrastinated studying for her finals by consuming large quantities of caffeinated beverages at a variety of study spots, witnessed a successful heist of the Healy clock hands, and watched a video featuring Georgetown athletes that was… Read More

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Comments of the Week: Mob bosses and political strife

Last week, Vox learned the perils of the Impending Campus Plan, witnessed the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, was intrigued by The New Yorker’s creative condemnation of a certain football team’s name, and ate way too much… Read More


Comments of the Week: Ryan, you’re gone but not forgotten

Last week, the Vox staff wrote about their collective salad-tossing experience at the Hilltoss, profiled a few Georgetown juicers making use of ugly fruit, and, most importantly, said goodbye to their illustrious editor, Ryan Greene. Vox is in good hands under the… Read More

Comments of the Week: Why you gotta be so cruel?

  Last week Vox posted about the Voice‘s online feature exposing some RAs’ troubling problems with the Office of Residential Living and followed it up with some reporting of his own when the University responded. The entire issue began when Thomas… Read More

Comments of the Week: Election week blazin’

Last week, Vox previewed the opening of Bulldog Tavern, covered Muriel Bowser‘s mayoral election win, and found out that Leo’s is getting some new furniture. Lawl noticed a funny coincidence in Vox‘s Bowser Blingee. Is that a blunt Bowser’s smoking? It looks… Read More

Comments of the Week: Happy Halloweekend, go burn in Hell

Last week, Vox asked Georgetown’s College Republicans what they have to say about the overtly Democratic D.C. mayoral race, told the tale of a University professor recovering her abducted dog, and reported on GUSA’s town hall on a proposed cultural… Read More