Comments of the Week: The School of Nursing and House of Cards

Last week Vox covered the Ebola outbreak’s impact on Georgetown’s programs in West Africa and an event featuring the President of Liberia and informed the prefrosh about CAPS and the arts at Georgetown. James Madison jumped in on Vox‘s article… Read More

Comments of the Week: The Corp and the rise of the proletariat

Last week, Vox reported on the Corp’s new prices, the University’s decision not to consider changing Georgetown’s rules about marijuana until the federal government does so, and one D.C. resident’s trouble buying alcohol in New Hampshire. Jose79845 starts us… Read More

Comments of the Week: Cool comment, bro

Last week, Vox covered Georgetown sailing’s victory at the World Championships, the possibility of weed decriminalization’s being on the ballot this fall, and gave the Prefrosh a look at LGBTQ at Georgetown. Bud is seriously jealous about all of… Read More

Comments of the Week: Alcohol and conservative rants

Last week, Vox covered Congress’ bold move in trying to stop weed decriminalization in D.C., the Redskins losing their trademark because of racism, and Klink, the brand new alcohol delivery service that brings the booze right to your door…. Read More

Comments of the Week: People actually look at our playlist

Since the last Comments of the Week, Vox talked with Father Kevin O’Brien S.J. about his trip to the top of Healy Hall, watched in terror as the Rent is Too Damn High guy sued the District Board of Elections, and… Read More

Comments of the Week: Staying posi in the comments

Last week, Vox covered the D.C. Council’s new “yoga tax,” the homeless D.C. teen who earned a full-ride to Georgetown, and the Spanish King’s passing the torch to his son, a Georgetown grad. Over on the Prefrosh Preview about the… Read More

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Comments of the Week: Let’s talk about drugs

Last week, Vox brought Georgetown’s upcoming freshman a taste of some of the lucrative substances available (or not), which generated much heated debate. It also tried (not very hard) to cover some D.C. local news to make sure you’re… Read More

Comments of the Week: Where there’s smoke of Satan, there’s fire

During the first full week of summer Vox, Vox kicked off Prefrosh Preview with a guide to on-campus “dining,” looked on in bewilderment as William Blatty (COL ’50) revealed that the Vatican might do something about the dirty Georgetown secularists after all,… Read More

Comments of the Week: College woman of the year’s friends no match for trolls

Last week, Vox covered the University’s decision to require juniors in the fall of 2015 to live in on-campus housing, the craze and excitement of Georgetown Day events, and a showcase of the Healey Family Student Center’s pub vendor,… Read More

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Comments of the Week: Hoyas napping under the sun

Last week on Vox, the University decided to do more super-important master planning when nobody was around, Miley Cyrus shared some of her wisdom on movies, the student credit union began offering private student loans, and a drag ball… Read More