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“Wait, does this mean I can’t rag on the Corp anymore!?”

Students of Georgetown, Inc: you’ve done good. After nearly 150 people participated in Vox‘s poll this week, it looks like the consensus is that Compass Coffee is actually pretty good. In fact, 60 percent of you agreed that… Read More


The Corp CEO says Compass Coffee a success, take Vox’s poll to say if you agree

Well, it’s happened: as Vox is sure you are well aware by now, the Corp is now serving Compass Coffee at all three coffee services on campus as of Feb. 2. The Corp finalized the transition just a… Read More


The Corp will begin serving new Compass Coffee this Friday

Well my fellow Hoyas, it seems as though the days of comme ci, comme ça coffee are no more: The Corp has officially chosen a new coffee vendor. And a pretty cool one, at that. The Corp has… Read More