New PAC challenges Congress’ block of marijuana

Although D.C. voted to legalize marijuana last November with Initiative 71, members of Congress are attempting to prevent the passage of this legislation. This led Justin Robinson, a D.C. native, to organize a grassroots campaign called “Not Your… Read More


Majority of U.S. public school students living in poverty

According to a new analysis of 2013 federal data, poverty among public school students is on the rise, and the majority of U.S. students in pre-kindergarten to 12th grade now come from low-income families. This has been an… Read More

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Congress’s cromnibus bill threatens D.C. marijuana initiative, Obama likely to sign

Move over, baseball: hating Congress might just be the new national pastime these days (pro: you can do it when it’s raining). But D.C. voters have had even more reason to lambaste the legislative branch since Saturday when… Read More


Latest congressional spending bill blocks D.C. marijuana legalization

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats and House Republicans reached a deal on a spending bill that prevents the District from using federal funding to legalize marijuana. The new bill comes as a response to Initiative 71, which passed with… Read More


Unlikely that Congress will block D.C. marijuana legalization

On November 4, Initiative 71 passed with massive support. Nearly 70 percent of voters were in favor of marijuana legalization in the District. Initiative 71 legalizes possession of up to two ounces in D.C. for adults age 21 and… Read More


D.C. statehood hearing held yesterday with little change in sight

Yesterday at 3 p.m., Democratic Senator Thomas Carper led the first Congressional hearing for D.C. statehood in 20 years. But don’t expect Washington to take decisive action towards the state of “New Columbia” anytime soon. The hearing was… Read More


Longest-serving Congressman and Georgetown alumnus to retire

After a record-breaking 59 years in Congress, Rep. John Dingell has announced his retirement from the US House of Representatives. As a Georgetown alum (COL ’49, LAW ’52) and Michigan Democrat, 87-year-old Dingell helped author monumental bills on… Read More


Congress finds D.C. budget autonomy referendum has no legal effect

Although more than 80 percent of D.C. residents voted in support of the “budget autonomy” measure in an April referendum, the Government Accountability Office, Congress’ investigative agency, has stated that this latest attempt to gain increased independence from Capitol… Read More


Georgetown law alum and women’s rights activist considers running for House

Californian attorney Sandra Fluke (L’12) has announced that she is considering running for Rep. Henry Waxman‘s (D-CA) seat this fall. Waxman, who has been in office for 40 years, announced on Thursday that he will be retiring from… Read More

Congress attempts to ban tax money for District abortions

Remember when Congress shutdown the government and screwed over D.C.? Well, it looks like Congress is already back to  screwing with the District. Trent Franks, a Republican from Arizona, held a hearing Jan. 9 focused on a bill to… Read More