Vote in Vox’s Halloween costume contest

Get the flash player here: We didn’t forget about our Halloween costume contest, we swear. (It just slipped our mind for a few days.) The above slideshow includes our favorite entries. Jed Feiman (COL ’12) went as… Read More

Conor Williams is the Post’s “Next Great Pundit”

In a landslide victory yesterday, Conor Williams (GOV ’11) was named the Washington Post‘s “Next Great Pundit.” Williams’s win marks the end of a month-long gauntlet of rounds, which included blog posts, traditional op-eds, and a roundtable debate…. Read More

WaPo’s last-minute costumes for lazy college students

Looking to go out tonight but not sure what to wear? Use up all your good costumes already? The Washington Post has a few suggestions for college-themed costumes, including “Can of Four Loko,” “Mark Zuckerberg,” and of course,… Read More

Enter Vox’s Halloween costume contest!

With Halloween only a few days away—and a weekend of themed parties, Lupe Fiasco, and the Daily Show rally ahead of us—we figure Georgetown students are going to wear some great costumes. Why not show us your favorites?… Read More

Students compete to be WaPo’s “Next Great Pundit”

At least two Georgetown students are competing to become “America’s Next Great Pundit” over at the Washington Post. The contest, which awards a three-month stint with the Post to the winner, received approximately 1,400 entries earlier this year…. Read More

The winners of the Homecoming haiku contest

We learned two things about Vox readers this weekend: They have a knack for Japanese poetry, and they really, really like free stuff. Although it was hard to choose, here are our five favorite Homecoming-themed haikus. “BS” impressed… Read More

Write a Homecoming haiku, win tickets to see Freakonomics

Vox has a bundle of tickets for an advance screening of Freakonomics, a documentary adaptation of the best-selling book, that we want to give to our readers. So, we stole one of New York Magazine‘s recurring gimmicks: the… Read More

The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: A final countdown

We’ve run the gauntlet of Georgetown’s worst ideas. We argued over party fuck-ups, embarrassing alumni, property mistakes, and hell, we even let your suggestions duke it out. (Congrats to “hoyaalum” for winning the wonderfully appropriate prize—a Georgetown shot… Read More

The Worst Idea Georgetown’s Ever Had: Wild card edition

For the final round of our “Worst Idea” feature, we’re turning over the nomination process to the wild world of Vox commenters. Think you know Georgetown’s worst idea ever? Let us know in the comments. On Thursday night,… Read More

Get your lawns ready, the 2010 Campus Plan sign contest is over

After a week of submissions and another week of voting, we’re ready to name the winner of our 2010 Campus Plan sign contest. With a whopping 60 percent of the vote, “Raising Property Values Since 1789″ won outright…. Read More