President DeGioia announces changes in health insurance plans, Georgetown’s insurers will cover contraception

In possibly the most exciting email about health insurance ever, University President John DeGioia announced today that as part of the reforms accompanying the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the insurance providers that service Georgetown University will… Read More

Law students outraged at DeGioia’s firm stance on health insurance plan

In a statement released last Thursday, Georgetown’s Law Students for Reproductive Justice condemned President John DeGioia for his recent email confirming the unchanging health insurance policy on contraception. Members of LSRJ expressed deep disapproval of the decision, claiming… Read More

President DeGioia responds to contraceptive petition, holds status quo

In response to the recent petitions on contraceptive coverage on campus, President John J. DeGioia sent an email to the Georgetown community this morning. He stated that after careful consideration, the university opted to retain their current health… Read More

DeGioia responds to attacks against Sandra Fluke

Friday March 2, Georgetown University President John DeGioia sent an email to the Georgetown community commending law student Sandra Fluke for her civil discourse about birth control and criticizing the media for the personal attacks against her. A few weeks… Read More

Knights of Columbus panel offers conservative Catholic response to contraception mandate

Last night, Georgetown’s Knights of Columbus held a symposium on “Religious Freedom and Healthcare.” The program included a set of conservative religious, political, and legal figures discussing the Obama administration’s recent decisions on the religious conscience exception to… Read More

Georgetown University holds its ground with Plan A Hoyas

Members of Plan A Hoyas met with administrators on Tuesday to discuss Georgetown’s sexual health policies. Although they promised to meet with Plan A again, the Georgetown administrators who were present at the meeting do not seem to… Read More

United Fems and H*yas for Choice form concerted campaign for reproductive rights at Georgetown

H*yas for Choice and United Feminists have partnered up in a new campaign that’s demanding substantial change in Georgetown’s reproductive rights policies. The latter being a University-recognized group, the new movement has the potential to endanger UF’s funding… Read More

Trojan gives Georgetown a 2.1 GPA on Sexual Health Report Card

Trojan just released its annual Sexual Health Report Card for colleges and universities and once again Georgetown is near the bottom of the pack.  This year we received a “GPA” of 2.13 and we’re ranked 121 out of… Read More

Cardinal Newman Society calls for Georgetown to rescind AFL-CIO President John Sweeney’s honorary degree

John Sweeney: Lovable labor leader, or enemy of Catholic doctrine? Next Thursday, Georgetown will be giving an honorary Doctor of Law degree to AFL-CIO President John Sweeney for his dedication to fighting for better working conditions and human… Read More

We’re on Plan B already?

Might as well get this party started by saying, it’s about time the government caved and let us have all the consequence-free unprotected sex we want (except for the danger of, y’know, AIDS ‘n stuff). The FDA’s decision… Read More