Corcoran Gallery and Corcoran College partner with GWU for financial help

The Corcoran Gallery of Art and the Corcoran College of Art + Design announced Feb. 19 that they would be entering a historic collaboration with George Washington University. While this collaboration would mean that the Corcoran Gallery and Corcoran College… Read More

District Digest: Kwame’s crimes and misdemeanors

This week in D.C. news features Kwame Brown’s fraud charges, Capital Pride back in action, Corcoran Museum’s plans to sell the Beaux-Arts building and Councilmember Jack Evans getting a little feisty on Twitter. Kwame, Fully loaded Kwame “Fully Loaded”… Read More

Free for all: Wrapping up the summer

For those of you who haven’t returned to your various corners of the world to spend time with family and old friends before the fall semester begins, Vox has put together some free events that will hopefully help… Read More

Free for all: What to do when it’s too hot to think

The Fourth is officially over and D.C. is in the middle of a nasty heat wave. But despite the heat and your (days-old) hangover, you shouldn’t miss out on some of the events going on in the city… Read More