Mystery break-in/assaults may have one culprit

If it seems like a lot of recent break-ins and possible sexual assaults near campus have had the same MO, you might be right. From the Post: D.C. police said one man might be responsible for at least… Read More

Georgetown gets a better, or at least more violent, class of criminal

Georgetown’s kicking off the weekend with a spate of unsettling Public Safety Alerts. Here are the three that have been sent out in the past two days: 1. Robbery by Force in Glover Park On Thursday, September 4,… Read More

Sunday in the Park with Mary Jane: teen caught growing weed in Rock Creek

Rock Creek Park has been described as the dividing line between white and black DC, even though gentrification has made that description less accurate. It doesn’t have to stand for something so sad, though. As a Marylander just… Read More

University silent on sexual assault risk

After four sexual assaults in the last two weeks in the neighborhood around American University, DCist reports that “Officials from all universities in the area, including Georgetown, George Washington, UDC and American, have been briefed by police to… Read More

Charles in charge (of Vital Vittles)

“Yoo hoo, I’m over here” If you only read Public Safety emails, you’re missing out on 3/4s of the fun. The real joy is following the links in the email for the full crime report. For example, you… Read More

Dupont Circle: Red Line station and red light district

Who’d have thought that the Dupont Circle Metro stop was not only Georgetown students’ closest transportation hub, but a house of ill repute? Undercover police officers arrested a station manager and a custodian for “arranging sexual encounters from… Read More

Pat Dowd and GUSA get tough on crime

Along with the numerous Public Safety Alert emails you’ve been receiving lately, you may have noticed a message from GUSA about their “Campus Safety efforts.” If the text of the e-mail seems familiar, that’s because it’s copied-and-pasted from… Read More

Life in LXR after the crimes

Someone’s in trouble with DPS Until the events of this past weekend, LXR had been a relatively quite dorm this year, with few problems larger than the lack of hot water during my morning shower. This week, however,… Read More

Choppa City

People on the southern part of campus (Village A, New South, that sort of thing) heard a circling helicopter from around 12:30 to 1 this morning. The helicopter was beaming down a search light. Hoping for more Georgetown… Read More

One fine weekend for Georgetown and crime

I went down to the basement of Copley at 4:30 last night to get some snacks from the vending machine. For the first time at Georgetown, I feared for my safety as I walked through the halls of… Read More