Public Safety Alert: Burglary in Reynolds Hall

On Friday, June 24, several students living for the summer in the Reynolds Hall, a student dormitory located in the Southwest Quad, reported that their rooms had been burglarized. According to a Public Safety Alert sent by the… Read More

“Date rape” drug mailed to student address, says MPD officer

An anonymous Metropolitan Police Department source told Washington City Paper yesterday that police had uncovered several gallons of the “date rape” drug gamma hydroxybutyric acid addressed to a former Georgetown student that had lived near campus. GHB is tasteless… Read More

Burglary in Kennedy

On Tuesday, May 24, 2011, at around 2:45 p.m., a room in Kennedy was burglarized. According to a public safety alert, a student left his room around 2:45 p.m. He asserts that he secured his door. However, when… Read More

Armed robbery on 3500 block of S Street

Update: This afternoon’s MPD Watch Commander’s Crime Update provided the following description of the three suspects. #1-Black/Male, 18-22 years of age, 5’10”-6’0”, 160-170 lbs. with a dark complexion and a medium build. He was last seen wearing a… Read More

Burglary on the 1300 block of 33rd Street

On Tuesday, May 3, at approximately 10:30 a.m., two houses on the 1300 block of 33rd Street were burgled. According to a public safety alert, a Georgetown staff member reported the crimes that three laptop computers and an… Read More

Robbery at the 3500 block of Volta Place NW

On Wednesday afternoon at around 2:30pm, an unknown suspect robbed a person walking on the 3500 block of Volta Place NW. According to a public safety alert, the suspect robbed the victim and then fled on foot in… Read More

Woman robbed at knife point on 35th Street

Early Sunday morning, two suspects robbed a woman at knife point on the 1500 block of 35th Street. According to a public safety alert, two suspects approached the woman, restrained her, and displayed a knife. They forced her… Read More

University to install security cameras in on-campus residence halls

During the next two weeks, security cameras will be installed in the entrances and exits of University residence halls. “Cameras will be aimed at entrances and exits and not at student rooms,” reads an email from Housing Services… Read More

Interhall to sponsor crime-prevention summits

Next Tuesday and Wednesday evening, the Southwest Quad Community Council will present two crime-prevention summits, conceived of by the council as “unconventional forums […] to share the vision and experience of safety precaution practices.” In an effort spearheaded… Read More

Smith, Perrone get probation for DMT charges

Charles Smith and John Perrone, the duo arrested in Harbin last fall for the manufacture of the illegal hallucinogenic drug DMT in Smith’s room, were sentenced Friday to three years of probation and 200 hours each of community… Read More