Female student sexually assaulted on 35th Street

At 2 a.m. Saturday, a student on the 1300 block of 35th Street was sexually assaulted by an unknown man. According to a Department of Public Safety alert, the assault occurred while the woman was looking for her… Read More

Smith and Perrone plead guilty, likely to serve probation

In federal court yesterday, Charles Smith and John Perrone plead guilty to manufacturing DMT in Smith’s Harbin dorm room last October. Perrone admitted during the hearing that he purchased the supplies needed to make the hallucinogenic drug, while… Read More

Apple Store customer robbed on N Street

On Monday evening, a women was robbed by two unknown suspects on the 3300 block of N Street. The Metropolitan Police Department believes the woman was followed after she exited the Apple Store on Wisconsin Avenue, where she… Read More

Campus Crime Watch: Laptop thefts, a stolen golf cart, and an attempted abduction

View Campus Crime Watch: November 2 – November 10 in a larger map The two weeks that bookended Thanksgiving saw some strange and frightening crimes, ranging from a golf cart theft to an attempted abduction. Also, twelve laptops… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Crime waves, triathlons, and Go Fresh

If the producers of C-SPAN and the Real Housewives franchise created a reality show about local politics, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E would be the pitch. Monday’s episode featured Metropolitan Police Department Lt. John Hedgecock flattering fake ID craftsmen… Read More

DPS responds to attempted abduction with more patrols

The Department of Public Safety has increased East Campus patrols after a student was almost abducted early on Sunday morning. “We are stepping up patrols of the East campus area in search of the suspects,” Joseph Smith, associate… Read More

Charges dropped against Burleith pot-growing couple

At this morning’s preliminary hearing, charges were dropped without prejudice against Howard Arenstein and Orly Katz, the married pair of journalists caught growing marijuana in Burleith. According to Washington City Paper, the charges were dropped without prejudice at… Read More

Public Safety Alert: Man assaults faculty member in attempted robbery

At 10:30 p.m. yesterday, an unknown man attempted to rob a faculty member in the inner courtyard of the Southwest Quad. According to a public safety alert, the suspect approached the victim from behind and attempted to grab… Read More

The University of Maryland creates a crime-report app

Crime is prevalent. (Especially if you live in Village A.) But, technology is always being used to combat the forces of villainy. That’s why one University of Maryland professor decided to update 9-1-1. Video 911, a smart-phone application… Read More

Public Safety Alert: Unforced burglary in Copley Hall

On Wednesday at 6 p.m., a Copley Hall resident discovered that his dorm room had been burgled earlier in the day. According to a public safety alert, the resident left his room at 3:30 p.m. without locking the… Read More