GUSA Roundup: You know what happens when you accede…

Yesterday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate closed a lot of loose ends from last week’s meeting, including a look into removing the university’s ban on student businesses, membership in the student group union, and that… Read More

SFS-Q students hold first-of-its-kind fundraiser in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In America, breast cancer awareness has become somewhat of a national phenomenon—between the ribbons, the special clothing lines (some from the unlikeliest of retailers), and the White House turning into the Pink House for a night, Americans certainly… Read More

Combos brand thinks D.C. needs to man up, gives us low masculinity ranking

Earlier this month, the Combos brand—that’s right, the people who make those weird, artificially cheesy pretzel snack things—released their third annual list of the United States’s “50 Manliest Cities.” And although the District scored ninth in 2010, this… Read More

Free Food-for-All: Cupcakes, cupcakes everywhere!

This may be news to you, but cupcakes are kind of a big deal in our neighborhood. The touristy Georgetown Cupcake and the delicious Baked & Wired lead the pack of bakeries that provide arguably one of the… Read More

Georgetown Cupcake triumphs over Baked & Wired in NBC face-off

NBC Washington has been hosting a series of face-offs to award local superlatives—the best live music venue, best people-watching spot, best pizza, etc.—and they finally got around to addressing the real big conflict: who has the best cupcakes… Read More

Georgetown Cupcake moving to M Street

After a little more than a year and a half at their Potomac Street location, Georgetown Cupcake is relocating a block away to M Street, according to the Washington Post. The new flagship shop will be less cramped… Read More