Dahlgren Chapel gets an organ transplant

After two weeks, the new organ has been installed in Dahlgren Chapel and is now being tuned to fit the shape of the room. “There’s a science and an art to the whole thing,” James Wickman, Director of Music… Read More


Dahlgren Chapel receiving new organ as part of renovation

A new organ will be assembled from all those different boxes you see in the photos to be placed around the altar as part of a 5-year renovation process for the Dahlgren Chapel. The organ, donated by the… Read More

Updated: Interior of Dahlgren Chapel vandalized overnight

Update, 5:15 pm: According to Fr. Kevin O’Brien, S.J., vice president for mission and ministry, the crucifix was damaged in a minor way, though it did not constitute “desecration,” which is property damage with intent to religiously offend…. Read More

Women’s Club Volleyball apologizes for incident in Dahlgren Quad

In a letter sent to Vox, the Georgetown Women’s Club Volleyball team accepted responsibility for the condoms and trash left on the steps of Dahlgren Quad late Tuesday night. The incident was condemned by the student leaders and… Read More

Jesuits, students denounce vandalization of Dahlgren Chapel

Student groups and Jesuits on campus have expressed extreme disdain for the events that unfolded yesterday night at Dahlgren Quad. Tuesday night at 10:30pm, the steps of Dahlgren Chapel were found covered with alcohol, open and unopened condom packs, and… Read More

Steps of Dahlgren Chapel littered with condoms, cups, and alcohol

At 10:30pm on Tuesday night, a group of approximately 20 or 30 students left the steps of Dalhgren Chapel strewn with trash that included dozens of small paper cups filled with unidentifiable liquids, both open and closed condom… Read More

Societas Iesu: Vox previews Jesuit Heritage Week

This week, Georgetown is celebrating Jesuit Heritage Week, which highlights the University’s Jesuit community and Catholic identity. While the comprehensive schedule of events is available here, here we offer Vox‘s rundown of this week’s most notable events. Today at… Read More

Come one, come all to the official Christmas tree lighting!

For a cheery, wholesome start to your Christmas holiday Festivus season, head over to Dahlgren Quadrangle at 5 p.m. this evening for the official lighting of the Georgetown University Christmas Tree. Mask and Bauble will be performing their… Read More

University announces Dahlgren renovations; stained glass repairs

Dahlgren Chapel will spend much of the next two years in construction as the University works to repair structural damage that has accumulated over the space’s 118-year history, according to an announcement from the Office of Mission and… Read More