RAs submit stories of institutional mistreatment in Voice online exclusive

In a Voice online exclusive, eight anonymous current or former Resident Advisers present stories of institutional mistreatment by the Office of Residential Living during their time at Georgetown. The stories include RAs who have been sexually assaulted by their… Read More


First responder to Milzman ricin incident recounts experience, criticizes University response

Thomas Lloyd (SFS ’15), the student and friend who reported Daniel Milzman (formerly COL ’16) to the police for possession of the deadly poison ricin in his McCarthy dorm, wrote about his taxing experience both during and after Milzman’s… Read More


Milzman sentenced to one year in prison for ricin possession

Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) was sentenced this morning to one year in prison for his possession of ricin, an extremely deadly poison, in his McCarthy dorm room last spring. Milzman’s sentencing follows a plea deal which could result in… Read More


Milzman pleads guilty to possession of ricin

Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) pleaded guilty to possession of a deadly poison without registering it with the government in a plea hearing Monday. Milzman’s plea is part of a deal with prosecutors which may result in a one… Read More

Milzman detention ruling reversed, will remain in jail

Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts overruled the decision made Tuesday that would have allowed Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) to stay in at a hospital under his parents’ custody following an appeal made Wednesday by the prosecution. Milzman will… Read More

Breaking: Milzman to be transferred to in-patient psychiatric program for two weeks

Update, Wednesday, 5:55 pm: Judge Roberts has decided to postpone the decision on whether to release Milzman from D.C. jail to an inpatient psychiatric program at a local hospital, according to a Washington Post reporter. The decision follows the government’s… Read More