Let’s meet F2F: Georgetown’s missed connections

While Vox reworks Date Lab: Georgetown, we’re going to divert our interests towards another romantic endeavor—Craigslist! As anyone who has spent copious amounts of time online knows, Craigslist’s  “Missed Connections” forum is rife with anonymous love letters, penned… Read More

Date Lab Georgetown: Where in the world will romance take them?

This week’s male Date Labber listed “sweet’’ and “caring” as the first two things that came to his mind when asked to describe his type. So, we found it appropriate to set him up with a girl who… Read More

Date Lab Georgetown: Reciprocation problems

After reading the surveys sent in by this week’s daters, Vox prepared for comedic, lively stories from the two. Describing herself, Annie Baran (COL ’13)  said, “Laughing is epic, and I have a very sarcastic sense of humor… Read More

Apply for Date Lab Georgetown!

Maybe it’s true that no one is looking for true love at Georgetown. But who says you can’t have fun mingling while you’re single? Don’t be that person alone on Valentine’s Day just because you think you’ve exhausted… Read More

Date Lab Georgetown: The Undercover Lover

Will the real Vic Kmetich please stand up? On the computer screen, the girl we chose for this week’s Date Lab and Vic Kmetich (MSB ’11) seemed like they could excite each other’s fun-loving spirits. Vic wanted his… Read More

Date Lab Georgetown: Impressionable Strangers

Kelly McAlester (SFS ’13) and Constantine Petallides (SFS ’13) First impressions of a new place can be very similar to first impressions of a new relationship. When a freshman steps on campus for the first time, their new… Read More

Apply to Vox‘s Date Lab Georgetown!

Vox has had a lot of fun so far with Date Lab Georgetown, where Hoyas get together over free coffee and bagels at Uncommon Grounds. In its time as matchmaker, Vox has accidentally reunited old friends, ogled its participants, and… Read More

Date Lab Georgetown: the Age of Love

Mike Durante and Leah Rappaport This week, Vox conducted a social experiment, sending a sophomore girl and a senior boy to UG to see if sparks flew. To play it safe, we picked two students who said in… Read More

Date Lab Georgetown: Chivalry lives!

Josh Rodriguez and Amy Chambliss Vox had no trouble getting a sense of what kind of a person Josh Rodriguez (COL `11) was: the Texas native used the words “romantic” and “chivalry” no less than twice in his… Read More

Date Lab Georgetown: The play’s the thing

Claire Mongeau and Michael Franch When Vox plays matchmaker, it does its best to pair people up who share a sense of humor. So when we saw from their surveys that Claire Mongeau (COL ’11) is “sometimes sarcastic when… Read More