Date Lab Rat: I think I forgot my… dignity

Back in the day (where day = middle school), I once intentionally forgot my Pink Lemonade LipSmackers lip gloss on my desk in English so I could go back and pick it up when I knew a certain… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Hold the anchovies

If Date Lab were a person and that person was going on a first date, he or she would do terribly. You don’t want to show too many of your cards too soon, and in this week’s DL… Read More

Date Lab Rat: So much for their happy ending

Sorry about last week’s absence, folks. Today’s a great day to get back in the game, though, because this week’s Date Lab raises an interesting question about the Post team’s Date Lab editing etiquette. The daters both seem… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Happy Valentine’s Day, suckas!

Last night, I saw He’s Just Not That Into You with three friends, all in various flavors of singleness. This morning over Leo’s brunch with one of them, we discussed which of the movie’s many predictable happy endings… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Don’t call me, I’ll call you

If you haven’t read this week’s Date Lab yet, don’t bother—it’s exactly the squirmy exercise in awkward that I’m sure you’re not looking for heading into the pre-Valentine’s Day week. Based on the duo’s favorite movies, I wouldn’t… Read More

Date Lab Rat: What the hell is a nittany lion, anyway?

I’m starting to think that Date Lab is biased in favor of girls who like college sports. It’s as if caring (or pretending to care) about your alma mater’s football team somehow makes you automatically down-to-earth and date-ready…. Read More

Date Lab Rat: A seeker and a keeper

With last week’s Date Lab, I liked the daters’ questionnaires but was disappointed by the date rundown itself. This week, luckily, it’s the other way around: after a lackluster intro, the Post dishes up a delightful treat. What… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Insert {blank} we can believe in joke here

Sure, there’s historical precedent for politically mismatched but romantically successful couples. I’m guessing, though, that there are many more examples of unsuccessful pairings wherein the opposites infuriate rather than attract. The Post paired up a hardcore Obamaphile and… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Age ain’t nothin’ but a number

Even though every Date Lab includes pictures of the two daters in both the print and online versions, I’ve never commented on a couple’s appearance before. Far be it from me to judge physical attractiveness because, as they… Read More

Date Lab Rat: LJBF and other fairy tales

Asked for a notable home detail, the girl in this week’s Date Lab mentions that all four of her roommates are men. It’s an immediate red flag — not the fact that she lives with four guys, but… Read More