Date Lab Rat: Catchphrase edition

The answers that this week’s Date Lab daters provided in the Post‘s questionnaire are so typical that they threaten to veer into boring–he likes music, she likes the outdoors, traveling, and community service. That is, except for my… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Roses really smell like…

Sure, sometimes it sucks that college relationships are built primarily on text messages and trying not to look like you’re trying. But if real adult dating is anything like this week’s Date Lab, I think I’m fine sticking… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Clothes break the man, and the woman

A close friend and fellow Voice editor berated me recently for wearing sweatpants to the library, alleging that it’s an insult to both Georgetown and the world when I leave my apartment without wearing real clothes. I disagreed–I… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Tired? Yeah, right

After reading this week’s Date Lab, I’m calling bullshit on the “I’m too tired” excuse. Unless you’re legitimately narcoleptic or you have to get up early the next day for something really important (not just another day of… Read More

Date Lab Rat: I’m, uh, sick

Remember doing CHARMS the summer before freshman year, thinking you were getting along great with a potential roommate, imagining all the awesome times you were going to have together — and then your soulmate dropped off the face… Read More

Date Lab Rat: They know how to quit each other

After dismissing my awesome Date Lab debut as little more than beginner’s luck, DL’s first-string is back to biting it in this week’s edition. Their first hint that these two weren’t quite a match should have been his… Read More

Date Lab Rat: The student becomes the master

When former Voice editor Mike Stewart called me at the beginning of the summer to tell me that the Washington Post wanted to talk about my Date Lab reviews, I naturally assumed that I was being sued, or… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Two-timing doesn’t double the fun

I’ve heard of people keeping their options open, and one of my best guy friends tells me it’s important to always have a “list,” but I thought the key to such a plan was being fairly discreet about… Read More

Date Lab Rat: The choosy chosen

I can say with 99% certainty that the Date Labbers who set up this week’s date are not Jewish. Both of the daters are technically members of the tribe, but they’re clearly on different planes in terms of… Read More

Date Lab Rat: One step forward, two steps back

Funny people are usually fun to read about, so I was feeling pretty good about this week’s Date Lab. In the pre-date questionnaire, she says, “I’m told I’m funny in an ironic sort of way” (although I would… Read More