Date Lab Rat: Let it burn

It’s Date Lab Rat, but this week, it’s late. This just means fewer days till your next installment. At first, this week’s Date Lab pairs a shared love of the outdoors, nerdy consulting jobs, similar backgrounds and mutual… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Let him down easy (or not)

When a guy says he’s looking for someone “not tall or short,” you probably think he’ll be the one to dismiss his blind date as not up to par. Oddly, though, it’s the girl in this week’s Date… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Don’t wanna be told to grow up

This one time, in sixth grade, a boy asked me out on a dare at a middle school dance. Even at the time, my glittery-eye-shadowed gal pals reassured me on the bus ride home that his behavior was… Read More

Date Lab Rat: They couldn’t help but wonder

Sex and the City is dead. By the end of its sixth season four years ago, it was already a parody of its former self, and the movie’s desperate attempt at resuscitation was the final nail in the… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Drama queen dishes it out but can’t take it

In this week’s Date Lab, she says: “I’ve also dated guys who haven’t been so nice, but I’m really good at making excuses for people.” He says: “Quickly insecurity evolves into a web of mistrust and accusations.” If… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Car nookie

If love really is a battlefield, then the guy in this week’s Date Lab went thermonuclear in his questionnaire. He manages to be both funny and insightful, saying that the TV show of his dating life would be… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Intraracial Strife

Two cute, Asian, athletic 25 year-olds meet for dinner at Morton’s. Things could get sexy fast, but when they first spot each other in the restaurant, she says he’s hot “for an Asian guy”. After the initial impressions,… Read More

Date Lab Rat: White Russian hands

An athletic “international disaster relief specialist” and a younger Eastern European blonde — what’s not to like? Everything. This week’s Date Lab is screwed from the start, with both daters sounding a little nuts in their questionnaires. I’m… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Astrology antics

This week Date Lab pulled another gimmick by having an astrologer set up two daters based solely on their birthdates. Just like with the monkey, though, she was probably given a pretty limited selection, since these two have… Read More

Date Lab Rat: Some fries with those mind games?

She’s a “fitness professional”; he’s looking for someone athletic. They’re both disheartened by the fact that as 30-somethings, everyone they want to date is taken. Best of all, they both have ridiculous favorite foods. (Mandarin oranges and California… Read More