Former Hoya sex columnist, Julia Allison, stars in Bravo’s Miss Advised

From Bradley Cooper’s chiseled physique to Bill Clinton’s infamous intern activities, Georgetown alumni certainly have a reputation for sex. Enter Julia Allison (COL ’04). Sexy and smart, this blogger, former Time Out New York columnist, and all-around media… Read More

GU Law student rumored to be dating Rihanna, denies it

Cool enough to date Rihanna? The cigar-cross-handkerchief combo says yes. Who’s been keeping Rihanna company since her split from Chris Brown? According to gossip site Bossip, it’s someone close to us—Georgetown Law student Janero Marchand: Our source says… Read More

Washingtonian gets into DC dating

How could you not date that smile? As a huge fan and sometime critic of journalistic interventions in the dating lives of the District’s singles, I’m pretty pumped about Washingtonian’s new Dating Diaries feature. After being introduced to… Read More