D.C. Taxicab Commission develops e-hailing app to compete with private cab companies

It’s official. Life as we know it will be dominated by smart phones. Well, at least the cab industry will be. In efforts to compete with private cab companies like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, the D.C. Taxicab Commission… Read More


Uber wants to change D.C. legislation aimed to increase wheelchair accessible cabs

Most students know the struggle of trying to rush back to campus when the closest Uber is at least 15 minutes away, while failing to hail a cab in the D.C. streets. Well, imagine how hard that would… Read More


Anonymous test reveals D.C. cabs have 27 percent refusal to haul rate

If you’ve ever had the stinging feeling of rejection when a cab driver shakes his head and drives away when requesting to go to Georgetown University, you are not alone. An anonymous test conducted by the D.C. Taxi… Read More

Documentary to investigate District Taxi Cabs (yes, they’re that bad)

The D.C. taxi system, famous for its many dysfunctions, is about to go through many reforms. That caught the attention of a documentary filmmaker, according to the DCist, so yes, that means that this cab system has become… Read More