Rhee to make “major announcement” about Georgetown school, meet with parents

Hardy Middle School Michelle Rhee, the gung-ho, tenure-terminating, union-hated D.C. school chancellor, has more or less left schools in the Georgetown neighborhood alone. In October, however, a Northwest Current article reported that she planned to make a “major… Read More

GWU has GERMS envy

While our friends in Foggy Bottom may be outdoing us in terms of programming  boards and on-campus comedians, there’s one thing they’re still envious of us about: GERMS. The GW equivalent of GERMS is a “the Emergency Medical… Read More

Sexual assault suspect attempts to enter girls’ beds at GW, gets caught

Last week, George Washington University saw some sexual assaults that were reminiscent of the “Cuddler” incidents that have occurred in Georgetown over the past year and a half.  Unlike Georgetown, though, GW was able to catch the alleged… Read More

Greenopia USA gives Georgetown poor marks environmental reporting

Greenopia USA recently released green rankings for universities, and Georgetown didn’t come out looking so great. The rankings are given out on a scale of four leaves, and Georgetown received just one lone leaf. That means we met… Read More

Georgetown students pay more for parking than our D.C. peers, AAA survey finds

Over the weekend, the Washington Post highlighted one of the eternal scourges of attending college in the District: the exorbitant cost of parking.  According to a recent survey from AAA, the Post reports, D.C. college students pay between… Read More

The Post surveys the D.C. area’s town- gown tiffs

The eternal conflict: curmudgeonly neighbors v. rowdy co-eds With new neighbors’ groups popping up left and right, it looks like we’re in for another year of fights between residents and the University.  But Georgetown’s not the only school… Read More

New GI Bill not so helpful for veterans attending D.C. colleges

As we wrote last week, Georgetown has agreed to participate in the Ribbon program, a voluntary part of the new GI Bill—which goes into effect in August—that provides tuition assistance to veterans.  Veterans who come to Georgetown as… Read More

Lauinger Library, anonymous sex mecca?

Lau, you filthy, filthy library, you! Over at one of City Paper‘s blogs, the Sexist, Amanda Hess has been doing a series on glory holes and public sex in D.C. in honor of “Glory Hole Month.” Today, she… Read More

Georgetown ranks high in graduation rate study, other D.C. schools flounder

The American Enterprise Institute just released a study of graduation rates of four-year colleges, “Diplomas and Dropouts: Which Colleges Actually Graduate Their Students (And Which Don’t).” The results, which are based on the percentage of students who graduate… Read More

D.C.’s private school elite talk trash on the court and the internet

In last week’s issue, I came to terms with Barack and Michelle Obama’s decision to enroll their daughters at Tenleytown’s Sidwell Friends school and acknowledged that maybe private school isn’t the hellish bastion of academic and socioeconomic entitlement… Read More