GU Hospital sued for $5 million after liver transplant snafu

Georgetown University Hospital failed to realize that a woman who died while waiting for a liver transplant was in the hospital, according a lawsuit filed in D.C. Superior Court. While Donna Roy was in the hospital in 2008,… Read More

Georgetown Law professor to be sworn in as Superior Court judge

Clinical Professor Todd Edelman will be sworn in as a D.C. Superior Court judge this Friday at the Moultrie Courthouse. Last March, President Barack Obama nominated Edelman, who is currently assigned to the Civil Division of the Court,… Read More

Two Georgetown Law professors tapped by Obama administration

On Saturday, after Republicans delayed their confirmation votes for months, President Barack Obama announced the recess appointments of 15 4 nominees to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, including Georgetown University Law Center professor Chai Feldblum, shown right. The… Read More

D.C. Superior Court order shuts down Philly Pizza. No, seriously this time.

Today saw the end of a long campaign to shut down Philly Pizza’s location on Potomac Street, which has been operating illegally since its license was revoked in mid-February. Its doors closed last night, and today, they remain… Read More

United States v. Alex Thiele: the preliminary hearing

As promised, Vox was in Superior Court this morning for alleged Midnight Madness shooter Alex Thiele’s (’13) preliminary hearing. It’ll all be written up in a summary for the Voice on Thursday, but until then, here’s what went… Read More