Neighborhood groups report Burleith landlords to DCRA

As if Burleith residents weren’t busy enough opposing the 2010 campus plan and admonishing local bars, some are now watching your basement. After two months of sleuthing around the streets of Burleith, a “coalition of neighborhood groups” reported… Read More

Philly Pizza to rename itself Go Fresh, stop selling pizza

We’ve got bad news if you expected to taste ranch-drenched Philly Pizza anytime soon. Hell, we’ve got bad news if you expected Philly Pizza to reopen. According to a final consent order issued by the D.C. Department of… Read More

DCRA grants Philly P’s new certificate of occupancy

Yesterday, the Georgetown Dish broke the news that the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs granted Philadelphia Pizza Company a new certificate of occupancy in late September. In an email to the Dish, DRCA Director Linda Argo… Read More

Philly Pizza makes its bid to reopen to DCRA

If I were a betting blogger, I’d say that the city probably won’t let Mehmet Kocak reopen Philly Pizza. Call it superstition, but when your entire neighborhood is organized against you, the mayor’s attorney compares you to a… Read More

Philly Pizza begins construction, aims to reopen

Georgetown’s favorite pizza place is trying to come back—again. Philly Pizza & Grill, which D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles once compared to a brothel, recently filed a demolition permit with the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs… Read More

Mayor Fenty applauds local leadership in remarks at the closed Philly Pizza

Having successfully completed a months-long campaign to shutter Philly Pizza, today, neighborhood residents and community leaders received an additional surprise: a visit from Mayor Adrian Fenty, who drove up to the restaurant’s former home in his Smart Car… Read More

D.C. Superior Court order shuts down Philly Pizza. No, seriously this time.

Today saw the end of a long campaign to shut down Philly Pizza’s location on Potomac Street, which has been operating illegally since its license was revoked in mid-February. Its doors closed last night, and today, they remain… Read More

Philly Pizza is issued a notice to vacate premises

Looks like that’s it, Philly Pizza fans. On Friday, the fast-food favorite was issued a ‘notice to discontinue illegal use of premises,’ pictured after the jump, in accordance with the BZA decision made on Tuesday to shut the… Read More

District’s DCRA is cracking down on unlicensed Georgetown landlords

Yesterday, the D.C. Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs mailed letters to over 125 Georgetown University-area landlords it believes are renting properties without a valid business license. The letters issue an ultimatum: apply for a business license and have… Read More

Philly Pizza allowed to stay open until January 12 hearing, will be focusing on delivery

As The Hoya reported earlier today, the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs recently revoked Philly Pizza and Grille’s certificate of occupancy, meaning everyone’s favorite midnight pizza place could be shut down. Today, the D.C. Board of… Read More