Voice on the record with President DeGioia

Late last August, Voice Editor-in-Chief Julia Tanaka interviewed Georgetown University President John DeGioia (COL ’79) about his tenure as President of the University and his thoughts on a wide range of issues. DeGioia touched on his vision of Georgetown, the various… Read More

DeGioia speaks in the future tense with former MIT president

President John J. DeGioia and former MIT President Susan Hockfield (M’ 79) spoke in the second public discussion of Georgetown’s Designing The Future(s) initiative in the Lohrfink Auditorium. To heighten the excitement for the event, the University invited attendees to tweet about the… Read More

Law students outraged at DeGioia’s firm stance on health insurance plan

In a statement released last Thursday, Georgetown’s Law Students for Reproductive Justice condemned President John DeGioia for his recent email confirming the unchanging health insurance policy on contraception. Members of LSRJ expressed deep disapproval of the decision, claiming… Read More