Leo’s passes second health inspection with zero violations

The Department of Health recently released a secondary, “follow-up” report that took place on September 24th for the Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall. The report shows that Leo’s passed in every single category. There were no observations that required… Read More

Breaking: Leo’s health inspection reports eight violations

Yesterday, D.C.’s Department of Health released its annual health inspection report on Georgetown’s Leo J. O’Donovan Dining Hall, identifying six critical violations and two non-critical. Leo’s is in the third level risk category. The report form states that “six or… Read More

Seven Georgetown-area restaurants cited as medium-risk health code violators in 2009

Yesterday, we cataloged the health violations of four Georgetown-area food establishments that had been pegged as “high-risk” by the Health and Regulations Licensing Administration within the last year or so—Leo’s, Epicurean & Co., The Tombs, and Bangkok Bistro…. Read More

Epicurean, Leo’s, The Tombs, and Bangkok Bistro were high-risk violators of D.C. health code in 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Vox got the Freedom of Information Act itch and decided to FOIA the Food Establishment Inspection Reports of some local restaurants. We obtained the two most recent health inspection reports from the D.C…. Read More

No new Catholic University norovirus cases since Weds., 36 ill in total

We last left our friends at Catholic by the toilet, but according to the Washington Post, the last reported case of norovirus was Wednesday. The D.C. Health Department has confirmed that norovirus is indeed the culprit. Yesterday, The… Read More

Wisey’s continues to violate health code

Remember the health inspection report that told Wisey’s not to prop open its door because that’s unsanitary? Apparently, neither do they. If you squint at the above picture, taken a couple weeks ago, you can see the rope… Read More

Happy Norovirus V-Day, Leo’s blameless

The University just sent out an email saying we beat the Dread Pirate Norovirus. Hurray! The cheering will be loudest at Aramark because the email says Leo’s isn’t at fault: The Department of Health continues their investigation into… Read More

They misunderestimated you, norovirus

So it looks like the University won’t be helping students who were infected with the norovirus pay their medical bills. On Monday, VP of Student Affairs Todd Olson also told reporters that the university was unlikely even to… Read More

Staph infection hits New South, 212 sick with norovirus, USC sick too

Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson, VP for Student Health Jim Welsh, and University spokesperson Julie Green Bataille sat down with student reporters this afternoon to provide an update on the norovirus outbreak: 212 confirmed cases of… Read More

The Georgetown Norovirus FAQ

Didn’t even buy a meal plan There’s been a lot of information about the Georgetown norovirus outbreak on Vox Populi and elsewhere, including the Hoya and Todd Olson’s Xanga. It’s all become a blizzard of words, though, and… Read More