Uber wants to change D.C. legislation aimed to increase wheelchair accessible cabs

Most students know the struggle of trying to rush back to campus when the closest Uber is at least 15 minutes away, while failing to hail a cab in the D.C. streets. Well, imagine how hard that would… Read More


Todd Olson faces questions about safe spaces and accessibility concerns at diversity town hall meeting

Vice President of Student Affairs Todd Olson got all the tough questions at yesterday’s diversity town hall meeting. While Olson answered each question, he did not commit to any specific plans of action on all of the issues, including… Read More


Disability rights advocates speak to students about institutional abuse and torture in America

On Tuesday night, two disability rights attorneys and an institutional abuse survivor participated in a panel discussion entitled “Human Rights Aren’t For Us: Disability & Legalized Abuse,” the third in Lydia Brown‘s (COL ’15) Lecture & Performance Series on… Read More


University responds to accessibility concerns over construction-related detour paths

This past weekend, an anonymous person posted flyers in the Leavey Center stairwell, Henle Village, and Village A, protesting that certain paths on campus are “difficult to traverse for some of your friends and fellow Hoyas.” When asked for… Read More


Flyer in Leavey stairwell protests inaccessibility

An anonymous person posted a snarky and pointed flyer in the Leavey Center stairwell today which points out that the building’s new entrance is not wheelchair accessible. “This area is difficult to traverse for some of your friends… Read More