District Digest: You try mow your lawn with a chainsaw

Let freedom ring-a-ding-ding Chris Cox, the South Carolina native who took it upon himself to mow the Lincoln Memorial’s neglected lawn during the government shutdown, was honored recently with a commendation by Rep. Darrell Issa in a congressional record. Cox… Read More

District Digest: McAuliffe wins Virginia gubernatorial race

The grass isn’t greener across the Potomac Yesterday, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe won the hotly-contested race to become Virginia’s next governor, defeating his Republican rival, Kenneth Cuccinelli II. At midnight, with 99% of all electoral precincts reporting, McAuliffe… Read More

District Digest: Not to be blunt about it, but weed is nearly legalized

We be burnin’ Last Wednesday, District mayor Vincent Gray publicly expressed support for a bill in the D.C. Council that would decriminalize possession of small quantities of marijuana. Under the proposed legislation, the consequences for being caught with… Read More

District Digest: Budgeting and rebuilding around the District

Capitol Dome to be under construction for the next two years As part of a restoration project overseen by the Architect of the Capitol, the dome will be covered in scaffolding as it is repaired, reports the Washington… Read More

District Digest: Shutdown, Shutdown, Shutdown

No Money? Mo’ Problems Today marks day 16 of the government shutdown. Despite being financially hamstrung by Congress, the D.C. city government is up and running—increasingly, though, on fumes. D.C.’s $144 million contingency cash reserve fund was slated… Read More

District Digest: Shutdown hits District health center, Congressional beer prices

Shutdown hits health centers Mary’s Center, the second-largest medical provider for low-income patients in the District, has not yet turned away a patient seeking treatment but is feeling the strain of the federal government shutdown. Half of the… Read More

District Digest: Fighting against the government shutdown

Shut it down in the District On Tuesday morning, District officials discussed the impending federal shutdown and whether or not to ignore Congress and keep the city government open. The Republican-controlled House passed a bill earlier this week which… Read More

District Digest: Fighting for the living wage and tragedy at the Navy Yard

Overriding the veto After Mayor Vincent Gray announced his intention to veto the District’s proposed living wage bill last week, the bill’s proponents have urged District Councilmembers to rally and override the mayor’s veto. The Large Retailer Accountability Act, if… Read More

District Digest: Baby panda is a girl, and smile for free coffee

New D.C. state superintendent The Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) has chosen D.C.’s new state superintendent after the previous one, Hosanna Mahaley Jones, stepped down to care for her husband. Director of D.C.’s parks department Jesús Aguirre… Read More

District Digest: Baby daddies and anti-discrimination efforts

Baby panda born at the National Zoo, but who’s the daddy? Last week, the National Zoo announced the birth of a panda cub named Buterstick II. The news was well received after the recent discovery of a stillborn… Read More