District Digest: Living wage bill and D.C. Olympics

Mayor faces living wage bill Yesterday, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson announced that he would present Mayor Vincent Gray, pictured at right, with a “living wage” bill that was approved earlier this summer. While the bill has faced many supporters and… Read More

District Digest: This land is your land, if you’ve got cash

White House reopens and D.C. adjusts after attacks The Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent manhunt for suspected brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev created heightened security throughout the Northeast. Police removed the trashcans on Capitol Hill and DPS even upped security on… Read More

District Digest: Charter schools and rude awakenings

Charter school home field advantage Massive school closures in D.C. have ignited fierce discussion about what should be done for students’ best interest. For many families, charter schools are an attractive option, but how these charter schools should… Read More

District Digest: More anti-Muslim insensitivity (and bees) on the way

More anti-Muslim subway ads Infamous, anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller plans to purchase a new set of subway ads, with the intention of further proselytizing her views against “Jihad.” Geller’s ads, which read “This is Islamic apartheid … Stop U.S. aid to… Read More

District Digest: Board of Elections blunders and full bloom approacheth

D.C. Board of Elections tells people they can only vote in one place Early voting begins next week for a special election to fill the at-large D.C. Council seat vacated by Phil Mendelson after he was elected the… Read More

District Digest: Of murderers and mayoral candidates

Alleged Georgetown murderer starves himself Albrecht Muth, who allegedly murdered his wife Viola Drath, will not stand trial until this December. Muth has subjected himself to starvation and is in dire medical condition. Muth, who now weighs only 104 lbs.,… Read More

District Digest: Free public support for the arts (when it suits you)

We don’t like Ike’s memorial At a Tuesday Congressional hearing on the planned Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial, it quickly became clear that congressmen hate the chosen design. So unsightly is the design, say some congressmen, that the entire… Read More

District Digest: Truants and toddlers need more school

Mandatory Preschool Many lawmakers have taken to heart President Obama’s proposal for mandatory preschool for all children and are enacting legislation along those lines. D.C. Council member Marion Barry put forward just such a plan for the District…. Read More

District Digest: Vincent Gray—the mayor, the myth, the legend

Mayor Gray is on everyone’s payroll, even the U.N.’s Mayor Vincent Gray’s new plan for a greener D.C., revealed last week, has drawn significant criticism from a variety of sources. The plan’s most ambitious ideas include requiring every… Read More

District Digest: Dwindling funds for childcare services and exonerated criminals

D.C. childcare in need of financial backing Childcare professionals have been hard-hit by dwindling funding during the past five years. This funding has not only harmed the salaries of child-care professionals, but has a hurt families who rely… Read More