District Digest: Housing for the homeless and the FBI

Homeless shelters at full capacity This winter has been especially tough on Washington, D.C.’s homeless population. The Washington Post reports that the homeless families’ shelter at D.C. General Hospital is at full capacity, with nearly 1,000 people. Most… Read More

District Digest: The State of spending all this money Address

Routing the extra cash for good use In the annual State of the District address last night, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray revealed some of his plans for his remaining time as mayor. Gray’s short-term goals include putting some… Read More

District Digest: $400 million extra—D.C. on that cash money flow

Your paper falls slow like confetti, mines a steady grow District officials are set to announce a budget surplus of as much as $400 million from the fiscal year of 2012, due to improving economic conditions.The best estimates… Read More

District Digest: Tough on guns, tougher on protestors in trees

Mayor Gray affirms District’s strict gun laws After hearing the Obama administration’s proposal for more gun regulation, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray came out in full support of the measures. “Listening to the vice president today talk about background… Read More

District Digest: Old bills in the council and new trains on the Metro

D.C. Council recycles old legislative material In preparation for their first major meeting of 2013, several lawmakers on the D.C. Council reintroduced old propositions, which were previously not passed. The tactic is a classic attempt by legislators to… Read More

District Digest: Investigation and instigations

Federal complaint alleges systematic cheating on District tests The former principal of Noyes Education Campus, accused teachers and administrators of “systematic” cheating on state standardized tests to acquire bonuses. The school’s principal during the 2010-2011 school year Adell… Read More

District Digest: Yo-Yo Ma visits and D.C. Council dysfunctions

Yo-Yo Ma stops by elementary school in Anacostia Famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma and former New York City Ballet dancer Damian Woetzel visited Savoy Elementary School in Ward 8 to perform and work with students after his performance at… Read More

District Digest: Legalize it, don’t criticize it

D.C. strengthens laws against synthetic marijuana The D.C. Council voted Thursday to strengthen laws against synthetic forms of marijuana, weeks after some states voted to reduce penalties on the possession of natural marijuana. The drug is now classified… Read More

District Digest: Bills pass and schools may be slashed

This week, barring the national sex scandals, D.C. Chancellor Kaya Henderson comes out in opposition to the proposal to close 20 public schools in the city, and a bill is in the making to make adults in the… Read More

District Digest: Snakes at the zoo, students skip school

This week in the District, eight tentacled snakes were born at the Smithsonian National Zoo, D.C. Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson announces an “education crisis” in the number of students with unexcused absences, and a robbery in Dupont Circle… Read More