Photo Gallery: DMT drug lab in Harbin Hall

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TBD confirms Harbin drug lab meant to produce DMT, not meth

Update 4:55 p.m.: In its updated story, TBD is reporting that two of the arrested suspects were students and the third was a friend who was visiting them from out of town. MPD Officer Hugh Carew confirmed for… Read More

More on this morning’s evacuation, meth lab in Harbin

3:15 p.m. update: According to the Washington Post, two students and one “campus visitor” were arrested earlier today in response to the drug lab found in Harbin Hall. The Post spoke with Piringer, who provided more details about… Read More

Drug lab found in Harbin Hall, students evacuated

At approximately 6:30 a.m. Saturday morning, students were evacuated from Harbin Hall after a “drug lab” was discovered on the ninth floor of the dormitory. According to WUSA9, the lab is an “alleged meth lab.” The D.C. Fire… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit activities

Below, we’ve republished Juliana Brint’s August 2009 post about “all the various vices you might be interested in engaging in during college: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking.” And here’s our disclaimer: Vox isn’t endorsing any of these activities…. Read More

Campus Crime Watch: March 2010

View Campus Crime Watch: March 2010 in a larger map With 34 total crimes listed in the Department of Public Safety Daily Crime Log for the month, March saw a high number of burglaries, at least three violent… Read More

Campus Crime Watch: February 2010

View February 2010 Crime Map in a larger map February wasn’t a very criminal month at Georgetown. There were 25 crimes recorded in the Department of Public Safety Daily Crime Log, but nearly half of those were drug… Read More

Georgetown sees spike in drug violations over the weekend

Maybe Georgetown students contracted reefer madness this weekend, but from Thursday, February 18, to Saturday, February 20, the Department of Public Safety recorded a shocking number of drug violations on campus in its Daily Crime Log (pdf)—five. Five… Read More

January Campus Crime Watch

View January 2010 Crime Map in a larger map January was a particularly violent month at Georgetown. Not because the number of crime incidents surged—there were 29 crimes reported for January in the Department of Public Safety’s Daily… Read More

December Campus Crime Watch

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