Greater Greater Washington thinks D buses should replace Dupont GUTS

Could GUTS be a thing of the past? Greater Greater Washington, a blog about smart growth in the D.C. Metropolitan area, tackled the GUTS bus question yesterday and concluded that everyone would be better off if we just… Read More

Urban planning wonks sound off on proposed GUTS change

The absurdity of the new, potentially permanent Dupont GUTS bus route, discussed at the 10 year campus plan meeting, caught the attention of Greater Greater Washington, a wonky, “smart growth” blog about D.C.  The issue, mentioned briefly at… Read More

Insane Dupont GUTS route tested again this weekend

We know.  It’s INSANE. A few weeks ago, Voice News explained that the GUTS buses to and from Dupont were using a new weekend route.  The longest route, currently being tested in the weekends, is over twice the… Read More

Dupont Circle: Red Line station and red light district

Who’d have thought that the Dupont Circle Metro stop was not only Georgetown students’ closest transportation hub, but a house of ill repute? Undercover police officers arrested a station manager and a custodian for “arranging sexual encounters from… Read More

Hipsters, high-schoolers pummel each other with pillows in Dupont Circle

There may not have been 967 attendees, like Facebook had promised me, but no small number of people showed up today in Dupont Circle to take part in D.C.’s Pillow Fight 2008 (part of World Pillow Fight Day)…. Read More

Georgetown police stretched thinner

Georgetown neighborhood is going to start sharing its Metro cops with more of the city if Police Chief Lanier gets her way. Her plan to organize police districts would re-zone higher crime Dupont Circle, part of downtown, and… Read More