The winners of the Homecoming haiku contest

We learned two things about Vox readers this weekend: They have a knack for Japanese poetry, and they really, really like free stuff. Although it was hard to choose, here are our five favorite Homecoming-themed haikus. “BS” impressed… Read More

Write a Homecoming haiku, win tickets to see Freakonomics

Vox has a bundle of tickets for an advance screening of Freakonomics, a documentary adaptation of the best-selling book, that we want to give to our readers. So, we stole one of New York Magazine‘s recurring gimmicks: the… Read More

E St midnight movies go beyond Rocky Horror

I’m probably the biggest fan there is of GPB’s free weekend movie showings, but sometimes it might be nice to actually see something good, on a real projector, in a real theater, on a weekend after a nice… Read More