Bowser and Catania make their final pushes on Election Day

The polls are open, and the large number of early voters has D.C. crossing its fingers for high Election Day turnout. Democratic candidate Muriel Bowser and Independent David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW ’94) have each gone on their respective final missions in the… Read More


GU College Republicans weigh-in on mayoral race

Washington, D.C. is so Democrat that the Republican Party has chosen not to bother with putting up a candidate for the Nov. 4 mayoral election. The Georgetown College Republicans may find solace in two of the race’s slightly more… Read More

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Rent Is Too Damn High guy sues District Board of Elections

Apparently in politics these days, all you need to receive national attention is a Chester A. Arthur-like beard, a memorable catch phrase, and Kenan Thompson to do an SNL spoof of you. Jimmy McMillan, founder of the Rent is… Read More

Bylaws will be bylaws: GUSA elects new vice speaker in tiebreaker

After two weeks of drama, GUSA did not fail to disappoint with the election of Senator Kasey Ng (SFS ‘16) to the vice speaker-ship after a long night of confused and spicy debate. After Ethan Chess‘s (COL ‘14) petition… Read More

GUSA holds unexpected debate over election of new speaker

GUSA’s first order of business this semester was to elect a new speaker after former Speaker George Spyropoulos (COL ’14) resigned in December. The Senate went against precedent and GUSA’s bylaws to vote against approving Vice-Speaker Samuel Greco’s (SFS ’15)… Read More

And then there were ten (candidates for mayor)

The already-crowded pack of Democrats vying for their party’s 2014 D.C. mayoral nomination has swollen to ten, with restaurateur Andy Shallal and at-large councilman Vincent Orange joining the contest as of last week. With 75 percent of District’s… Read More

Clubs elect Patrick Musgrave as new SAC Chair

On Friday morning, after a re-vote was conducted following the original election on Wednesday, Patrick Musgrave (COL ’16), one-semester Student Activities Commission Commissioner and Marketing and Public Relations Director, was elected SAC Chair. He ran against Eng Gin Moe… Read More

Students win two seats on Advisory Neighborhood Commission

Last Tuesday on Election Day, students didn’t just fill out their ballots for presidential candidates. Hoyas also came out to support ANC hopefuls Peter Prindiville (SFS ’14) and Craig Cassey (COL ’15), who both secured spots in an uncontested election. Cassey… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: “When you’ve got to choose, either way you look at it, you lose”

Though he will give you a stamp, Tucker Cholvin does not have anything nearly as cool as an “I voted for Hello Kitty” pin. The winding down of the campaign season has spurred the creativity of students like Allie… Read More

Vox‘s Voting Guide: GUSA Off-Campus senators

Elections are tomorrow, and Vox is providing you today with a series on every dorm’s GUSA candidates. For off-campus representation, three senators are running for five available spots. Aziz Saqr (NHS ’16): Give us water fountains or give… Read More