Concert Preview: Baths comes to U Street Music Hall

Vox recommends you get your fill of D.C. music and nights out on the town before the stress of looming finals hits you like a rock (post Georgetown Day, of course). And, she has the perfect suggestion: go… Read More


Concert Preview: DARKSIDE at 9:30 Club

Just incase you’re running out of ways to procrastinate for your first slew of midterms, DARKSIDE is coming to the 9:30 Club Feb. 5. Not to be confused with other dark sides, the duo of electronic musician Nicolas Jaar… Read More

Electronic artist Yoko K talks in Copley Formal lounge, a dance party sadly doesn’t ensue

On Tuesday, Japanese musician Yoko K demonstrated the relationship between artists and digital music production tools in the Copley Formal Lounge, in an event sponsored by the Georgetown’s Communication, Culture, and Technology program. Yoko K, who recently finished… Read More