Med school Peer-to-Peer Tutoring starts Georgetown-wide reply-all idiocy

Last Friday, in emails sent to the entire Georgetown University community, over 25 Georgetown students and alumni confirmed what everyone already knows: reply-all is a nightmare and an embarrassment. Only this time, the replies went out to the… Read More

Networking consortium names Georgetown CIO as President and CEO

Say goodbye to the man responsible for Georgetown’s wireless internet problems. Earlier this week, the Sacramento Bee reported that David Lambert, Georgetown’s Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Information Services, will leave the University to become the… Read More

Will college e-mail accounts get phased out?

While receiving your college e-mail address has long been a milestone for pre-frosh everywhere, a new study from Educuse suggests that college e-mail accounts may be on the way out. Educuse’s “Core Data Service Fiscal Year 2008 Summary… Read More

UIS explains why we’re getting minimalist Gmail

Last week, University Information Services gave us some more details of the upcoming switch to Gmail-backed Hoyamail. Just as you were getting giddy about leaving antiquated GUMail behind forever, though, there was this disconcerting announcement: Hoyamail is only… Read More

Monday Madlibs: E-mail Emancipation

Last week, we learned that UIS will finally be making the switch to GMail by the end of the summer. How would you have made the long-awaited announcement? Create a story for “E-mail Emancipation” Adverb Plural Noun Company… Read More

UIS: “I have some good news, and I have some bad news…”

So you won’t be getting any email for a few days… but you will be getting Google! After a couple obligatory delays (first we were told “early January,” then “by the end of the school year”), it looks… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: The persistence of preppiness, short-term GUTS memory

Want a shot at your own 15 seconds of internet micro-micro-fame?  Start following us on Twitter (GtownVoxPop) and, if you’re connected to Georgetown, we’ll return the favor and you’ll automatically be in the running! Leslie Gordon found that… Read More

Nevermind about that whole switching to Gmail before graduation thing…

Someday… Way back in October, the University announced its intention to scrap its dated GUMail system for students and switch to Google Apps for Education. They predicted the move would be done by January or February. Everyone rejoiced!… Read More

UIS: Silly students, email is for faculty

The offending email that went out a few hours ago: Dear students, At the end of July and the beginning of August, University Information Services will be moving faculty and staff to a separate e-mail system. We will… Read More

Get TimesSelect free with your Georgetown email account

Misguided efforts at The New York Times to eke pennies out of an ancient internet revenue model have long restricted access to the adorable Paul Krugman (pictured). Krugman, along with the rest of the Times’s columnists and much… Read More