“Jane Hoya is a Canadian,” Georgetown Insults

Update: Georgetown Love Professions launched today. “Send your professions of love through the wonderful world of Facebook and let your special someone know that they’re loved!” Apparently, Georgetown students are more likely to compliment than insult each other, at… Read More

Students propose Leavey Esplanade for alternative Georgetown Day

Wednesday night at 10pm, “Saxa Silence Dogood” and “Cura P. Workinggroup”—ostensibly Georgetown students—created an event called “Georgetown Day Study Group on Leavey Esplanade.” Within the span of three hours, 1,000 had clicked “attending.” Although the maximum capacity of… Read More

Jack DeGioia joins Facebook, has yet to poke Vox

University President Jack DeGioia—better known as the guy who welcomed us all to campus with sticker speeches and will give us all firm handshakes when we leave—is on Facebook. Sadly, his profile picture is not this. But in… Read More

A look back from Jack the Bulldog’s Facebook news feed

With a tip of our cap toward Slate and the GW Patriot, here’s our end-of-the-semester summary.

Thanksgiving: The beginning of breakup season

Take note, couples: Your turkey might be tough to swallow this Thanksgiving. After tracking more than 10,000 Facebook relationships, British journalist and designer David McCandless graphed users’ breakups against the calendar year. The result? Breakups peak in the spring… Read More

Georgetown, Divest! relaunches ethical investment campaign

Georgetown, Divest! will re-emerge this semester to oppose the University investment policies, after attempting to end practices last semester that allegedly violate the University’s Catholic and Jesuit identity. In a Facebook message sent to Divest! members, David Schwartz… Read More

Philly P takes its battle with the ANC to Facebook

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past few days and you’re friends with anyone at Georgetown, you’ve probably noticed the rapidly growing “KEEP PHILLY PIZZA FROM GETTING SHUT DOWN” group pop up in your newsfeed. The group,… Read More

Anti-Map-changes protest all Facebook, no action

When it was revealed last week that the School of Foreign Service standby, Map of the Modern World, was undergoing a curriculum revitalization and getting a new professor, students and alumni were quick to voice their outrage. A… Read More

SFSers protest new Map of the Modern World changes

Bring back the old Map! As we reported yesterday, the School of Foreign Service institution, Map of the Modern World, is undergoing major changes this year.  Turns out SFSers aren’t taking too kindly to the alterations. They’ve started… Read More

Where to find The Hoya‘s April Fools’ issue online

What’s black and white and read all over? Read Vox‘s coverage of the Tuesday night forum here. Many of you have been asking where to find this year’s Hoya April Fools’ issue online. Finally, you can. For starters,… Read More